Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Team

Our team at Masters Home Mortgage is fast, friendly, experienced and here to help you every step of the process!

Reginald Masters photo

Mortgage Banker Reginald Masters

NMLS 833985
PJ Le'Gre'Air photo

Sales Manager, Sr. Loan Consultant PJ Le'Gre'Air

NMLS 186391
Latrice Thomas photo

Team Lead, Sr. Loan Consultant Latrice Thomas

NMLS 2020366
Katrina King-Flucas photo

Loan Consultant Katrina King-Flucas

NMLS 2257113
Shelton Fortenberry Jr. photo

Branch Manager, Sr. Loan Consultant Shelton Fortenberry Jr.

NMLS 1117854
Jeffrey Jackson photo

Loan Consultant Jeffrey Jackson

NMLS 2215813
Tianna Foreman photo

Loan Consultant Tianna Foreman

NMLS 2079386
Nia Huntley photo

Loan Consultant Nia Huntley

NMLS 2493715
Jon Browne photo

Sr. Loan Consultant Jon Browne

NMLS 156142
Nora Brinson photo

Loan Consultant Nora Brinson

NMLS 2257002
Leslie Wilson photo

Loan Consultant Leslie Wilson

NMLS 2089052
Clark LeMelle photo

Laon Consultant Clark LeMelle

NMLS 2360865
Quanza Preston photo

Loan Consultant Quanza Preston

NMLS 237082
Kimberly Guider photo

Loan Consultant Kimberly Guider

NMLS 561110
Kristi Lacy photo

Loan Manager Kristi Lacy

Khrista Dees photo

Loan Consultant Khrista Dees

NMLS 1765243